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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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legislators passed a balanced budget that protects funding for education, public safety, and other services. the budget package generated a grueling debate every step of the way. the minority leader warned democrats that they will fight continuously on this issue. >> we have an $18 billion unfunded pension session -- pension system. do you think we're here today to start addressing the problems -- we're going to raise taxes and spend money. >> the tax cut raises the income tax rate on individuals making $100,000 a year and couples earning $150,000. personal tax deductions would also be lowered. >> there are two agendas in this assembly written in stone -- one agenda is to spend. the other agenda is to tax. >> the revenue package raises
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levies on real estate deals and increases sale taxes on little cigars and other tobacco products other than cigarettes. the package contains a 2% cost- of-living increase for state employees. those opposed to the package argue to let the doomsday budget stand. >> we need to vote for for the kids and art and all these things and i still don't see it. >> the public trust is gone because the money that has been collected directly from their pockets has never been used for the purpose that it has been stated it would be used for. >> the budget pact it adjust the cost for teacher pensions. republicans say will cause counties to raise local taxes. >> we of let the citizens of maryland to believe what we're doing here is legitimate and it has been open and transparent. >> the governor concedes there have been a lot of unpopular votes cast since he came into office but says they are the right votes to keep the state
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giving ford. -- state moving a fall word. >> we have some breaking news right now. let's go to capt. roy taylor. >> southwest baltimore -- the scene of a shooting at this location -- there is a large crime scene area and they think a suspect responsible for the shooting may be holed up at a garage adjacent to the location where it took place. there in the process of trying to clear the brush. -- clear the garage. >> this has been a big day for roman catholics in baltimore. the archdiocese is 500,000 strong and is welcoming a new leader. here we have been like that the installation of archbishop
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william lori all afternoon. let's go to north baltimore for more on the ceremony. >> the new archbishop calls baltimore is strong archdioceses, although he says it has some challenges. be herehe's grateful to and anxious to get started. >> children representing catholic schools, deacons, bishops and archbishops, and extensive procession led the way as william lori became the 16th archbishop of baltimore. >> we came here to wish him luck and pray for him and seek his purse for us of his efforts will be successful in the diocese and help it grow. >> after a letter from the pope was read, he took the short steps that placed him in the position of responsibility for the baltimore catholic church. he was ordained a priest in 1977 and served as a bishop of
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bridgeport, conn. but according to his aunt, the journey leading to the archdiocese began when his six and he proclaimed he was going to be pope. >> its not only beautiful, it is spiritual. he is my nephew and i love him. that's the biggest part of it. >> about 2000 people what is the installation, including his parents and 50 of his relatives. >> it is such a privilege to have him as our archbishop. we need someone to shepherd the flock of god's people. >> he has served in high-profile committees for the catholic church and going sexual agenda -- sexual abuse of children and the defense of marriage. he is a strong defender of church liberty and preached about it during wednesday posture money. >> we do not seek to defend literature -- religious liberties for partisan purposes as some have suggested.
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though we do this because we are lovers of human dignity that was fashioned and imparted not by the government but by the creator. >> he was asked about the challenges before the church and he said one challenges remain a strong and vital presence at a time of change. he succeeds cardinal william o'brien. >> thank you. you can watch the installation mass online at, or we posted dozens of photos. >> a real mess on the capital beltway has landed more than a dozen tour bus passengers in the hospital. it happened just before noon along the inner layer. prince george's county police a truck rented one of the buses and a separate crash involving two other buses occurred for the back.
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middle school student from pennsylvania were on their way to d.c. for a day of sightseeing. a six-rowe is recovering after being struck by a car. anne arundel county fire officials say happened at around 7:30 this morning. the first grader was walking to a of an elementary school with his siblings and other students when a pickup truck struck him. witnesses say emergency crews respond almost instantly. >> we heard the screaming of the kids outside and when the screaming didn't go away, -- >> the investigation is ongoing but no charges have been filed and the driver did remain on the scene. as to the children who witnessed the cap -- the crash, counseling will be available for them. tragedy strikes for police a 3- year-old was killed after climbing out of his mother's car at around 2:00 yesterday afternoon on sugarberry street.
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this together say he somehow unbuckle himself, left the car and walked into the roadway and he was struck by an oncoming suv. his mother pulled over to give mailed to a postal worker. >> a disturbing case of baltimore county -- a man and woman were charged with killing a 15-old girl from north carolina has their sex life. to further complicate the case, the couple are facing both federal and state charges. we have been following the story. let's go live to federal court with more. >> the two defendants were arrested in november of last year and charged there. now the federal court is getting involved, charging the to the additional child pornography and charlie -- child sex trafficking charges. >> this is a shocking case. when we get a case like this, we always make our top priority. we have people not only sexually abusing minors but holding them here in maryland.
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>> the u.s. attorney reacts to federal charges his office filed against 48-year-old john andrew blaes and his girlfriend, margaret jones. according to a federal indictment filed in baltimore county in march of 2010, the two met on-line and jones moved into blaes'home. the documents to want to say in july of 2011, the two began looking online four other females to join them in their sexual activities which involved sadomasochism and found a 15- year-old girl in north carolina. the documents say they picked her up and brought her back to park filled where they had sex with a girl and posted them on the internet in hopes of recruiting more girls. >> we had some interactions since we were connected and we would talk across the fence.
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they were very pleasant and good neighbors. >> the home is part of a duplex and his neighbors said they never came off as suspicious. they were eventually caught after the victim's mother got enough information from the girls yahoo! messenger account. police arrested the pair in november of 2011. >> my client has pleaded not guilty to any and all charges. it has been confirmed that there was no force or violence with reference to any of the allegations in this case. >> the attorney says his client is innocent despite images found on the computer of the girl in bondage positions. traditionally, cases with federal and state charges, the two sides will get together to figure out the best jurisdiction. so far, that has not been done. blaes'attorney says there's a
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trial date set for june 20 as. blaes and jones are being held in baltimore county without bond. >> thank you. two arrests have been made in an alleged pill mill. the dea rated the business last night. we've got new information tonight. >> the florida owner of the clinic and a local operator are in baltimore county jail tonight, essentially charged with running an elected pill mill, conspiring to deliver a schedule to narcotics. last night, the dea rated the clinic located in the bell with a professional building. they remove records, documents and equipment. agents installed a hidden camera and observed 142 people a
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day coming to the clinic for painkillers. the local operator seen here exquisitely is accused of running be elected pill mill. four undercover agents pose as patients were provided with large quantities of narcotics without a legitimate medical need. the other individual arrested is the owner who ran a similar clinic in florida and according to the affidavit, he instruct patients to come here for prescriptions. also under suspicion are local office accused of helping create paper trail to make the prescriptions seem legitimate. coming up, what we found the for the dea went in. >> a very interesting story. >> one of the men accused in a murder for hire part is on
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trial. the prosecution's case could ride on one key witness. >> a new development night in the john edwards corruption trial. the defense rested its case just two days after it started. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> a convicted murderer has taken the stand to testify that strom cousin. she took the stand this morning in the trial of one of two men as she said she is listed to kill a doctor in 2006. exchange for her testimony, her sense could be reduced from life to 40 years. john edwards attorneys rested their case today without calling back the presidential candidate or his mattress to the witness stand. -- his mistress to the witness stand. during sever days of testimony, defense attorneys attempted to prove his actions did not violate campaign finance laws. he is facing six counts of campaign finance violations and if convicted could face 30 years in prison.
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>> we're beginning tonight's medical or with a major new ruling from u.s. officials. persuaded by recent research, the officials lowered the threshold for lead poisoning in young children, saying children under 6 could be harmed by levels much lower than the old standard. the cdc announced the standards today but officials say they don't have the funds to help doctors or health department's conduct testing. the mayor tonight joint city and nonprofit leaders to announce the baltimore city super summer program. it's an initiative created by the mayor to provide employment, nutrition and recreation to kids all summer long. even reading support to make sure kids start their next year ready to move ahead rather than fall behind. >> these things are key to ensuring each and every one of you can have the best summer ever. increasing access to learning, reading, meals for young people in baltimore is a priority of my
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administration. >> she said the program is expected to search thousands of children this summer. for more information on what is available, there is a link on our web site, is it really more expensive to eat healthy? usda has released a report citing most healthy food actually costs less than food high in fat. it's all about how you do the math. compare the cost of food by way or portion side annual to the grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy food are less expensive. experts say frozen vegetables, beans, cucumbers, carrots and others were found it less expensive than soft drinks, ice cream, french fries and ground beef. we told you about yesterday and today, an fda advisor panel recommended approval of a home hiv test that will tell you whether you have the virus within 20 minutes. the at home test can correctly
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diagnosed the illness and 93% of patients if the agency approves the test. it will be the first time results could be obtained at home. supporters say it will likely increase the number people screened for the virus which should lead to fewer people spreading that a less. some doctors are concerned about the 7% may be positive and get a false negative. >> no problems for the evening rush-hour with the doppler radar showing dry weather around the beltway. it has turned out to be a rather warm day with sunshine. things may change tonight. we're keeping an eye on a line of storms coming out of pennsylvania. some have produced gusty winds and hail. it looks like the activity will diminish as it heads south and east toward baltimore, especially since it will be
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getting here after sunset. the gusty storms to the north will likely be weaker as they arrive. this is the line of showers and thunderstorms scattered but still a line that would have to get through before the pattern changes. you will see temperatures are warm enough to support the thunderstorms. 80 degrees in edgewood. the ocean city at a comfortable 73 degrees. the line of storms will be approaching frederick into parts of lancaster county. watch how the storms we can as they pick up a burst of energy. until 11:00 or so, the possibility of a thunderstorm popping up. larkin of sunshine and a
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comfortable day tomorrow with cooler temperatures and humidity. an isolated storm is possible and that it will clear. temperatures dropping into the 50s and down to 60. back through the ohio valley. fifties around cleveland and that is the front that will start through with high-pressure falling in behind it and fantastic weather. that will be strong enough to dominate the weather pattern into saturday. we will keep an eye on the front in the outer banks. it is possible life storm will form on that front. farther north, where the jet stream is stronger and the dynamics are there, there is a possibility of severe thunderstorms. it looks like down here, just a
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few isolated showers passing through tonight. cooler and less humid with lots of sunshine and high temperatures in the mid '70s. a small craft advisory on the day. beautiful mountain weather, '60s tomorrow and warming to 70 in the afternoon eastern shore, mid-70s and beautiful sunny skies. at the coast, a few scattered clouds. highs in the upper 60s. partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper seventies. 80 on sunday.
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>> more breaking news right now. what's happening? >> this is just north of the light rail stop at ruston where baltimore county fire crews were called to the scene where a light rail train was stopped with a person with neck and back injuries. we don't know what has happened the northbound track is shut down. baltimore county fire crews are dealing with the situation. >> thank you very much. still ahead, it could be a contentious meeting as president obama sits down with republican and democratic leaders at the white house to push this to do list. >> the president what congress to pass jobs and mortgage refinancing legislation. >> republicans are attacking the ♪
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>> the call for the running of the preakness stakes is just a couple of weeks away. >> it was the most important rituals -- the post position draw. for a preview. >> i always like a lucky number seven. you have to give it that. i will have another seven that can go ahead. a trainer who came at last week has he is still an underdog. later today, we might see a favorite and stalled for the preakness. but >> we have not run one
5:27 pm
horse -- i think we will be ok and we have a horse that is versatile enough to give some heat early and settle old bed and go after him again late. >> one thing we know for sure is you don't want to be in the 10 or 11 spot. daily won twice and there will only be an 11 horses in the field. coming up, -- [unintelligible] >> it to men found that suffering from multiple gunshot wounds are recovering tonight. >> coming up at 5:00, details on the investigation. >> next time you google
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something to our results could be more instantaneous. a search tool designed to think like a human. >> they will be racing in >> they will be racing in baltimore city this summ i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die.
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♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> it is your race to the labor day finish line. the new team behind the baltimore grand prix is ready to go.
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tickets for the event on may 28 and we will begin signing deals with sponsors. this comes after two failed it tends and missed deadlines for the city's big event. is the event really back on track or are they playing catch- up? if you talk to the operators and the people who run the race, they are confident and say this race, the grand prix of baltimore, can be huge event. this in the car rolled into town today. >> this is a world-class city and it deserves world-class events. >> race cars will be racing through the streets of baltimore this labor day weekend. there was a press conference today. >> over 100,000 people came to
5:31 pm
the city of baltimore to experienced our hospitality. >> the president and ceo of grand capital management is one of the principal investors. the company was awarded the contract to operate the grand prix. >> we believe this is a gem that can be lost. it's like the aquarium or the stadium. >> andretti sports marketing will promote and operate the race. >> my brand is everything i have. i wouldn't be doing this if i did not feel confident. >> the new team says they have learned from past mistakes and are confident the grand prix can become a world-class event. >> this can be second to
5:32 pm
indianapolis and i really believe it has that potential. >> tickets go on sale may 28. >> thank you. here's a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. the special us -- special session accomplished in two days with a 90 day session cannot. house put its stamp of approval and house legislators passed a balanced budget. it attacks the state's party funding for education, public safety and other services. a new leader for baltimore's roman catholics -- the 16th archbishop of baltimore is william lori. the ceremony began just before 2:00 and it concluded just moments ago. on hand were more than 300 priests, bishops and cardinals and thousands of catholic students across the region said they were watching. >> the search is on for the
5:33 pm
person who shot two men last night. this was on brisbane road at around 11:30. they found two men, each had been shot multiple times. both victims are being treated at a hospital in critical and serious condition. no word on a possible motive. an investigation cracked open last night in 88 -- dea raid. we have been monitoring the healthy life medical group, which is allegedly selling addictive painkillers to hundreds of people on a daily basis. just as we were preparing to air our experts say, the dea rated the local operator. >> to do or don't? he pressed them to act on
5:34 pm
several job proposals. let's go live now to our washington bureau for more on the story. >> how are you? >> that tv ad war is escalating. >> he is the $200 million ad man. >> spending millions. >> crossroads gps is so far the biggest player. >> we have a goal of the spending of $300 million. >> they are launching an ad campaign in 10 battleground states. >> people are paying attention to what is happening in washington and that their share of the debt has increased $16,000 since president obama
5:35 pm
took office. >> they expect to have far less to spend than their republican counterparts. >> we will spend about $100 million. >> they just launched an ad by targeting romney's business record. >> the more they can understand the sort of president they would be. >> it is one reason obama groups have lost money right now. democrats have been waiting on the sidelines for them to settle on a nominee. >> you have engaged, energized group of people who are very angry with obama and are willing to write big checks in opposition to him. >> analysts say these ads only underscore the negativity of the campaign and it will only get worse. >> thank you.
5:36 pm
>> a stop in baltimore on its symbolic voyage. you can catch it for yourself when we come back. >> a police sergeant criminally charged with lying to get a warrant. coming up, the people who were targeted as a result in the swat team raid.
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>> the visiting his ship season is underway, starting with the japanese destroyer. it's actually the elite class of japanese destroyer. we caught up with the ships arriving at around 9:00 this morning. the stop is part of the five- month voyage which includes panama, san diego, and hawaii. the ship was on a goodwill mission in commemorating the cherry blossom get to
5:40 pm
washington d.c. from japan. >> according to a senior homeland's security department official, commercial air travel is at risk from terrorists might get jobs at airports so they can attack with in sensitive areas. the acting inspector general said the process of screening employees to get security badges is flawed. the assistant said psa is working to correct the issues. -- tsa is working to correct the issues. the fbi director says the alleged investigation into who leaked information about an al qaeda informant. details were revealed earlier this month when a double agent
5:41 pm
working with the cia and saudi intelligence agencies turned the bomb over to the u.s. government. >> what is being called day of lazy mistake is having to pay more for your next bill. >> what officials say happened next. you probably heard the claim -- shoes that can help you telling your random legs without setting foot in the gym -- according to the government, it is bogus. if you got a pair of shoes, you can score some payback. >> a line of thunderstorms and a cold front headed this way. a summer like afternoon and 80 degrees airport. 84 downtown.
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>> a city police sgt astir as a criminal offense. how he lied to get a search warrant. instead -- a state budget proposal passes to the house of delegates. how will impact you. an arched this chip william lori -- archbishop william lori -- how his family members are -- how his family members are
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allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. >> fire officials and arizona are worried the fire could take out entire town in arizona.
5:45 pm
flames have burned more than 2,000 acres, destroying two homes and a trailer. heat, strong winds, low humidity are all acting as fuel to the flames. the terrain is hampering efforts to extinguish the blaze and we're told the fire actually began as a house fire. >> the same situation in colorado where emergency crews are trying to contain wildfires there. flames have devoured nearly 650 acres in fort collins. residents may have to evacuate because the flames are growing. they could change directions. crews confirmed they contained only 5% of the fires. but the weather has become a concern with a red flag warning issued in some areas indicating strong winds with gusts up to 20 miles an hour. that makes the vegetation a ripe for fire and complicates the
5:46 pm
situation as firefighters tried to control it. >> around here, we are looking for good weather into preakness weekend. powell warms this afternoon. mostly sunny skies and 80 degrees. southwest winds and a little cooler on preakness day. after the patchy morning fog, we should see afternoon sunshine. cooler than today and fairly comfortable for the time of year. if the forecast calls, we have to keep our eye on a weather disturbance. temperatures into the 80s today. the normal is 74. 85 degrees in downtown baltimore. the record low was 37.
5:47 pm
the record amount of rain on the state almost 2 inches. nothing in the rain gauge today. a high amount of grass pollen. to the north and west, a line of showers. a cool front could move through the area tonight. the jet stream and weather disturbances are stronger in the upper atmosphere here, triggering severe storms in eastern new york right now. the possibility of severe thunderstorms in new england this evening. temperatures warmer this hour. this will be enough energy for the showers to survive through midnight tonight. the winds will shift to the north and a nice weather pattern
5:48 pm
will shift in beginning to our morning and lasting through preakness saturday. isolated storms clearing, 60 downtown. once the front goes by, temperatures in the '50s and '60s that are on the great lakes. sunny skies tomorrow, the air mass changes. highs smack in the mid '70s. heading out on the day, there is a small craft advisory for the morning hours when winds come out of a north, gusting up to 20 knots. should be a pleasant day on the day. bay water temperatures -- if you pick the end of this week to go into the mountains, you picked a
5:49 pm
good in week. '70s as we get into friday. upper 30's and low 40's out of western maryland. on the eastern shore, you could pick up a thunderstorm tonight. highs in the mid '70s. around a ocean city, the winds coming out of the north- northeast, coming off the cool ocean, keeping the temperatures in the '60s for a couple of days. as you get back away from the water, temperatures back in the mid '70s. a around here, sunshine with some high thin clouds. other than that, very comfortable, 48 degrees. patchy fog and sunshine in the
5:50 pm
afternoon. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm monday night into tuesday. >> the mistakes of to city water meter readers could have you pay more on your next water bill. the department of public works says workers hired last year had been turning in false numbers on their readings. the city officials cover the problem in december and have been working to read the meters. those employees are no longer working for the city. claims that statures shoes could help shed pounds are unfounded. the governor announced a settlement with the footwear company, charging $40 million for deceptive advertising. they said they falsely
5:51 pm
represented their studies. anyone who bought the issues will be eligible for a refund. if you bought a pair of the issues between 2008 and 2001, you can file a claim for refund. had to our web site for a link on how to do that. those under-inflated tires you might be driving on right now could kill you. a new study warns as many as one in every 20 crashes could be linked to tire-related problems. a report by the national traffic safety a ministration found under inflated tires were the biggest problem. a tire 20% below its pressure is more likely to be involved in a crash. the new pricing strategy j.c. penney was trying out is apparently now working out so well. the company reported better than
5:52 pm
expected losses in the first quarter, putting an end to wrap the discounting. in the last quarter, the department store chain lost $153 million. that compares with a profit of $64 million last year. finally tonight, it looks like google is getting smarter. after spending the past two years poring through on-line encyclopedias, the company is extending its database from 12 million items up to 500 million items. the search engine is an information warehouse. the tool is designed in a way that thinks more like a human. >> that is fascinating. as we approach preakness, some people may not be comfortable betting on horses. why not try your luck on something smaller? the frog hop leapt into action this afternoon. people jockeying their fraud
5:53 pm
these, getting into the spirit a couple of days early. the hot originated in 1967. anyone who placed first through fourth received trophies. all others were awarded ribbons. the outgoing police commissioner warned more cases were coming involving cops in hot water. the latest stain on the department -- an officer accused of lying to raid a home. first, month after a tornado destroyed their school, students in indiana are about to enjoy a very special prom had one by one of the biggest actin music today.
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5:56 pm
>> on march 2, a tornado ripped through emeryville, indiana, destroying homes and damaging the local high school. >> but with all of the destruction, there was one tradition the students refused to give up, and that was their prom. the school is getting a great gift from some music superstores. >> this is the gym where it was supposed to take place but in seconds, a tornado changed the plans and prom night seemed lost until a group of students decided to ask for help from one
5:57 pm
of the biggest acts and country music -- in the antebellum period the band was hosting a contest to play at the prom. they submitted a video asking the band to save their prom and it worked. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for us. >> they chose the school because of the selflessness of other schools across the country sent videos on their behalf. >> we love the bell we love henry villi school even more. >> we would go through the different videos and see all these other high-school talking about the devastation in and rebuild. we knew it was bad but to see them jump in there, it was very moving. >> lady antebellum could not play on the school actual prom date but they're making up for
5:58 pm
it with a free concert tonight. >> if we can put up with -- if we can put some smiles on faces, that will be the part we can do. >> a night a high-school and community will never forget. >> schools from as far away as northern wisconsin rallied to win here than the concert. >> that is a prom week they will never forget. >> here is a look at what is coming up. >> the due over budget session is only a few hours old and there's already another session planned. >> the story of a pre-dawn raid by a swat team and the people who were targeted. it's why police sergeant is now charged criminally. >> a new spiritual leader for
5:59 pm
baltimore's catholic church. i will have more details. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> our big story at 6:00 -- after failing to balance the state budget during the 90-day session, lawmakers came to an agreement in three days. >> they put the final seal of approval calling for higher income taxes and a shift in who pays for teacher pensions. the special session was -- the end of the special session is just hours old and that is after a special section -- after a second special session. let's go live now for the latest. >> the due over session managed to undo the session and that they confirm there will be a special second session to address


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